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Polymole Medical is focus on medical material and devices developing. Our material R&D in Zhejiang is committed to developing more safety and eco-friendly material for medical devices, including DEHP-FREE PVC, TPES, TPO, TPU, PC,PA and many kinds of vulcanized rubber. And, our factory located in Shandong have more than 20 years’ product designing and manufacturing experience, which are approved with CE(TUV Rheinland), ISO13485, ISO9001, CFDA and GMP. 

Based on our deep understanding of polymer material and medical device designing, we could provide plenty of medical devices including disposable infusion set(PVC and PVC-free), sterile disposable syringes, intravenous infusion needles, clamps, spikes, drip chamber and assembly, caps, injection sites, connectors and other OEM devices. 

We wish our efforts on material researching and product designing could bring more eco-friendly, safety and effective medical devices. 

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ADD:3F,BLDG3,Zone2,Liangchuang Center,No.2299,Donghai Avenue,Haiyan County,314317Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China


FAX :+86-573-86674300

Mai: service@polymole.com

Advantages And Characteristic

Company strength 

Has a doctoral, master and other multi-level talent research and development team, and has more than 20 years of product design and manufacturing experience.

Company products 

First, the company developed a variety of medical PVC-FREE materials, medical PVC materials, etc., mainly used in medical catheter, infusion tube, drip bucket, such as high-performance thermoplastic elastomer and skeletal splint crystalline elastomer.

Second, independent research and development of a variety of medical supplies, including non PVC infusion apparatus, needle bottle accessories

Service characteristics

We can choose the more suitable raw materials according to the needs of customers, and can tailor the product, to provide customers with one-stop service from raw materials to products.

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